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    School Education in Andhra pradesh

    I invite readers (both students and teachers) to air their views on the Primary and High School education in Andhra Pradesh. A few pros and cons should do the work. Thank You.
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    In our state Primary and Higher education is quite good up to now. In olden days in schools, teachers used to take care of children as if they are their own children. They used to teach moral values to the children. They used to teach extra knowledge than that is present in syllabus and books. Thus students have good knowledge.

    But, now a days, Education system is deteriating and it us becoming worse now. Now Education is also becoming a business. Schools and parents are just only expecting Ranks and marks from the students. In this way they are building up more pressure in students which is showing some adverse effects on them. Teachers are just explaining how to remember the subject but they are not teaching them real knowledge. This system is to be changed and parents should join their children in good schools.

    "Hard work never goes unvalued"

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    Though I appreciate the good work of the educators of Andhra Pradesh in the primary as well as high school levels, yet I strongly feel that the parents and the educational institutions ad well are literally giving too much of pressure on these little brains in the name of high score for a better placement in future. And somehow, I cannot digest such an attitude of the people.

    I can say that these institutions can better be called as grinding mills and no extra curricular activities and no sports at all except for studies, studies and studies. This more an imposition than studying. The most hatred part of this is only the top scorers are given due importance by the institutions and teachers are made to concentrate on the top scorers only while the average ones and the poor ones are left to their fate.

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    School education is very good

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