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    How do you differentiate Andhraspider at present to the Andhraspider site which is 6 month

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'How do you differentiate Andhraspider at present to the Andhraspider site which is 6 months before?'.
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    I do not see any improvement. New members who joined here are not contributing regularly. No interaction in the forum at all. But i am making a point to visit this site daily and making a attendance daily and expects others to do so.

    K Mohan

    Lets unitedly work for the progress of this site...

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    Hi friends
    I am new to this website and finding it really a good platform to express your opinions and views as well as listen to what others have to say.
    Im making a couple of points daily but its not being added to my total points. Many times im gettting errors while posting a new message.

    Also i feel that more threads should be encouraged and more number of responses can be expected from this site which i hope will increase shortly.

    It would be heartening if more everyone contributes on a regular basis

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    Hi Harika..

    Its nice to see you in Andhraspider. You are a new member to this site, the whole Andhraspider Team is welcoming you.

    You are one of the active performers from a couple of days.

    Your total points can be seen by doing so.

    Go to My profile tab towards your left hand side.
    Click on your name that is below my profile. Like you will be seen Welcome (your name).

    In that you can see many options after clicking that, then click on Re Calculate My Points & Member Level - Check if editors have changed your points.

    By doing so, you can see your daily points, but your member rank changes once in a week only, i.e every sunday, the system updates the ranks automatically, so you need not worry about your rank.

    Sometimes you will be getting some errors due to syntax errors and the error indicates what is the error type and sometimes if there are any bugs in the program you will get an error.

    Yes, when compared to six months ago, the site is very low, but now there is a good improvement in the site. Slowly you can see more members like you.

    All the best for your contributions.


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    Thank you so much for the huge encouragement shown and your immediate feedback.
    I am very happy to be a part of andhra spiders. Not only that im able to put my thoughts here but also im learning at the same time from other members and their responses.I would be an effective member to this site whenever possible.
    Surely through invitations and communities we will reach more number of people and make the best of this platform

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