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    Member of the Day (MOD) award in Andhraspider - Win Rs 50 Everyday - Updated as on August

    Hello Members,
    Andhra Spider is one of the fast-growing revenue sharing sister sites. To enhance our site more I have come up with a good news for the active members in Andhraspider. We are introducing a new award called Member of the Day (MOD). The member can get Rs.50 as bonus everyday under this award. All you have to do is that to earn minimum of 80 points on a particular day. If 2 members cross the minimum eligibility criteria, the winner will be decided based on points and quality of resources. To make the more easy I'll give 5-6 topics per week and Members have to post atleast 2 out of 4 resources for that.

    The resources many be on latest admissions notifications or latest Andhra Pradesh recruitment jobs or any college/university results or tourist attractions or any topic which you are comfortable with. But, make sure that it is related to Andhra Pradesh.

    Please note that members, who already won, are also eligible to win in coming days as well.

    Topics for 1st Aug to 7th Aug 2011

    • Festivals in Andhra Pradesh
    • Telangana issue
    • School reviews
    • What is 14F issue?
    • Andhra Pradesh school reviews

    Post your feedback.
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    Dear Webmaster,

    Thank you for the new contest.Hope this will increase traffic to our site and good revenue to the members.


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    Hi Kiran
    That's really great. Indeed it a very good attractive incentive for the new / all members of this great site. Such incentives will really are encouraging to all the members. Moreover, I am sure this will help in increasing the active participation of the members in this site and also will help in increasing the traffic to this site. Thanks for the wonderful announcement and hope to have many more such announcements in future for the upbringing this wonderful site of ours.

    Let's all try our level best to make this site the topmost one among the sister sites.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Yesterday the resources to be contributed for Member of the day (MOD) was 6, now it got reduced to 4.This is welcome step.


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    Hi Kiran,
    Thankyou very much for introducing this offer, iam depressed by not having many active members for this site.This will make the site to grow faster as this offer will make many members active.
    Venkata Sai Ram T

    Thanks & Regards
    Venkata Sai Ram T .

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    Dear webmasters,
    Till now did any one become member of day? Where will be the member of day will be displayed and will the member be mentioned he was given gift and how?
    Venkata Sai Ram T.

    Thanks & Regards
    Venkata Sai Ram T .

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    yes, it is great idea,and it is good deal to active members,using this type of deals we can motive the members towards put more resources, it can help to find the good resources and new latent.

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    Hello Members,
    I'm immensely impressed with your positive feedback and I'm sure this will definitely give positive results in near future. I request all members to add me in their G talk list, so that you can contact me directly for any quires. My ID is urskranthi[dot]kiran[at]gmail[dot]com.

    Regarding Sri Ram query, NO one has won MOD till now as none of them posted 4 resources in a day.

    Try to post the articles on admissions, results and latest notifications. If you need I can give latest topics as a separate thread so than it will minimize the effort of searching the topics. What say??

    Kranthi Kiran

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    Thank you for this announcement. I will try to post resources whatever extent I have known.

    Sita kalyani.

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    Dear web master,

    It was very pleasure to hear the announcement of Member of the day award.These kind of things helps the authors to post more resources and also helps in the improvement of this site.It was a great idea of implementing this award.I will try hard from my side to post good quality of resources all the time.

    P.Sai kamalesh.

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    Hi web master,

    It is very good to hear this.This is a good encouragement to the people who joins the site and make them post more resources.

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