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    Lt's build Andhra Spider

    Friends... Iam a Sr. Member of Andhra Spider. It's very good site to earn money. Not only earning money. We can Share our feelings, Knowledge. very easy to contribute to this site. Do you know I received Rs. 800 in 2011. Because of my personal duties.. I missed the site for the last 6 months. Now Iam starting to contribute the site. I find many updates in this site. The rules also changed. It's difficult. But, We can.. Because this our site.. come.. let's build our Andhra Spider.
    Wish you Very happy new year.
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    yes malledi,
    it is a good platform to express our views on this site.
    in this site we can also ask question and also answer to the questions.
    this site is very similar to indiastudychannel site.
    but still there are more features to be added in this site.
    we should give our support to build this site as good as soon possible.

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    Thank You Vinay..

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