Robots and Application in Military, Aerial Vehicals, Mining, Surgeries, Space Missions

A detailed description of Applications of Robots in various fields like Military, Aerial Vehicles, Mining, Surgeries, Space Missions, Haptic Sensation, Accuracy and Precision etc.

Today in industries,security robots are used as substitute for humans where humans cannot do a specific task.
Examples would include the following

Robotics and Military vehicles

Every military are having personnel ranging from thousands to millions.
Instead we can use robots which don't feel pain and makes army strong.
These robots may be autonomous or remote controlled according to the use.
Theses robots may be programmed to carry heavy payloads of bombs and gets self blasted when it detects terror camps which emit infra red signature.
Guns and rifles may be mounted on them and they can be used at incidents like
kargil war: here a heavy payload bomb can be carried by robot which can carry automated machine guns.

26/11 terror attack: vehicles like DRDO'S daksha can be used to carry a shot gun and camera which can send information to technicians. It is fully autonomous robo and has ability to climb steps.

Drones/Unmanned aerial vehicles

UAV's as the name indicates they can be run with out a man.
In future we can expect all planes to be pilotless which can be preprogrammed for stable takeoff and landing through various sensors and can be operated via remote.

Daily we hear the news of drones attaking pakistani talibans bombing heavily and firing missiles with high accuracy .

Robots in Mining

It is difficult for people to work in coal mines where temperature and pressure is more.
But robots can be designed to withstand extreme conditions.
They can replace humans and can mine very deep inside earth also.
They may also be used for transportation purposes also deep inside the earth.

Robotics in Bomb disposals

Robots are very useful in disposing bombs which is a risk factor for humans.
Dogs and robots can work togeather, the job of dog is to sniff and after the bomd is detected, the robot does its work. They are used by police and military.

Robots as Heavy lifting devices

Humans cannot carry more than 20 kgs wait for large distances. Robots can be used here for transport. They can be guided by tracks or lines. They can be controlled manually also.

Robots in Space Missions

Rovers are robots which can perform multiple tasks for space missions.
Recantly NASA has sent a land rover on mars which would move continuously
avoiding obstacles.

they search for water on land and has ability to test the type of material by taking samples.

Robots in Surgeries

Robots are used in surgeries where acuracy is needed. They are guided by doctors. They can pierce body very accurately so that other parts cannot be spoiled.

Devices where accuracy is needed

Robots are used in cutting devices. A laser beam is used which guides where materials are to be cut.

Haptic sensation

Haptics is the science of sensation. Robots can do a task by using sensors which can guide them. An example would be an obstacle sensor which gives input 00000001 in binary system when it detects an obstacle.

Domestic robots as Home servant

ASIMO is the worlds first robot which can be given orders in our language. It can perform many tasks like cooking,serving,cleaning etc.

These are only some type of robots and robots find their applications universally.

I would be providing details about parts of robot and how to construct a basic robot in next resource/


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