Andhra Pradesh Technical Fests - Types and Events lists

Are you confused about what a technical fest is and want to know the events conducted in them? Here is a detailed description of types of Technical Fests in the various Engineering colleges of Andhra Pradesh. It also mentions the events lists in the various Technical Fests.

As the technology increased, the number of engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh also increased rapidly resulting in many tech fests in different technical institutes.

Many colleges are conducting more than one Tech fest a year. Thus Tech Fests in Andhra Pradesh have become successful as the number of participants had increased from year to year. Even many students get attracted towards the techfests not only due to certificates but also due to the enormous prize money.
Tech fests are mainly of three types.

Types of Technical Festivals

1) Pure Tech Fests
The ones which have only technical events and no other events.
Ex: Purely robotic fests like Robokriti.
Project presentations and technical quiz and robotics are main attraction to these events.

2) Techno Management Fests
In these type of fests,both and MBA/MCA students get involved.
There will be both technical and management events in these.
Ex: Prayukti 2010 where both management and technical events are given preference equally
Paper presentations are main attraction for these kind of events.

3) Techno Cultural Fests
Cultural events also take place in these kind of fests. Dance and music competitions will be taking place.
An example is Pulse 2010 which has both technical and cultural events. These type of events are appreciated by more people as there are cultural events also.

Technical Events

The name it self suggests that these events are technical. Every student cannot participate in these events. The events are related to technical studies ie; These events constitute :

1) Robotics : You can play these events with a bot designed by you.
Some of the competitions include:
3.Aqua race
4.Aqua soccer
6.All terrain

Just the names mentioned above will be different for different colleges and the events are almost same with some exceptions like dimensions etc.

2) Paper Presentations : Paper Presentations are held for all departments in a college. We have to present our skills on the topic which we choose neatly on a sheet/chart with neat sketches. This would help in getting prize.
Mostly paper presentations are invited for following departments:

3) Project presentation

We have to present our skills nicely on the project/mini project which has been done by us. This would help in getting prize.
Mostly project presentations are invited for following departments:
Also special branches like
will also be preferred.

4.Work shops etc

Workshops are conducted in engineering colleges to bring awarness among students in particular topics like Robotics, Ethical Hacking, Android, Linux etc.

Technical/Green events

Any student can participate in these events as they are non technical.
These events include
1.Singing/Dancing competitions
2.Talent shows
3.Lan gaming
4.Photography etc

Thus events at Technical fests are differentiated.

Technical Festivals - Preparation

• To participate in tech fests , we have to know at which college and what dates tech fest is being organized.
• We have to make a proper plan according to it
• We have to short out events in which we may get prize and in which we are interested more.
• After deciding events in which we want to participate we should start practicing it.
• We should contact event coordinator for any doubts.
• We have to make a plan of transportation ie; how to reach the college
• As non tech events are cheaper we can get registered ourselves more events as there is no chance of losing more money.
• Be confidential and thick you can tackle the event very well
• Don’t be overconfident.
• Don’t get disappointed if you lose the event. You can try it for next time.
• You can claim attendance if you get a certificate in any event for representing your college!


Techfests will be conducted on every month in Andhra Pradesh.

Just wait for the time and proceed.


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