Piligrim places, historical and joyful places in Telangana-state

In this article, I have presented piligrims which have the most importance. In this resource, I have given information about Bhadrachalam. I have also mentioned about Raamadasu who was laid foundation for Sreerama Temple in Bhadrachalam. In this article, I have specified historical and enjoyful places in Telangana region.

Important piligrim places in Telangana region:

In Telangana region, there are more number of piligrims. In Khammam district, Bhadrachalam is a famous piligrim place for Lord Sreerama. In Nalgonda district, Mattapalli is a famous piligrim place for Lord Lakshmi narasimha swamy. Come to Adilabad district, Basara is a famous piligrim place for Goddess Saraswathi. Vaadapalli is a famous place where Lord Lakshmi narasimha swamy blesses all His devotees. Jamalapuram is a famous piligrim place which can be called as Telangana Thirupathi where Lord Venkateswara swamy fulfils the desires of His devotees. In Khammam district, Nelakondapalli, is a famous place where Raamadasu born and he started his devotion on Lord Sreerama.

Information about Bhadraachalam:

Come to Bhadrachalam, a famous temple where Lord Sreerama is called as "Moksharama". For this temple, there is a historical point that an old woman named Dammakka who first found the idols of Lord Seetharama along with Lakshmana. One of the amazing thing that Shankhu and Chakra in the hands of Lord Mahavishnu were interchanged in the hands of idol of Lord Seetharama. Lord Sreerama under the grace on Bhadra, Lord Sreerama comes to on the hill named Bhadragiri. If we go to Bhadrachalam, we can find a building in which devotees are continuing praying on Lord Sreerama with medium pitch of their voice. River Godavari always wets the feet of Lord Sreerama and it feels that her birth got happy for serving Lord Sreerama. In the past, if floods came then water entered in the premises of temple. But, now the construction of temple is against to that situation. Due to construction of "Karakatta" which controls the flow that would not be crossed the bank of the river. Government recognized the need of "karakatta" at the time of "pushkaraas" of Godavari.

At the distance of 40kilometers from Bhadraachalam, a place called Parnasaala is situated where Lord Seetharama was lived at the time of living in forest. So many historical identifications of Sreemadraamaayan can be found near to Parnasaala.

Greatness of Ramadasu:

Come to Raamadasu which name is not a birth name. Actually, Raamadasu was called as Kancherla Gopanna from his childhood. His parents were devotees of Lord Mahavishnu. After marriage, Gopanna was appointed as Tahasheeldaar for the region of Bhadraachalam. With the effect of Dammakka, Gopanna developed his devotion on Lord Sreerama. After getting knowledge from Kabirdaas, his devotion was enhanced in such a way that Gopanna wanted to construct a temple in Bhadraachalam with the help of people's money. Without getting permission from Taanisha, he constructed the temple and also made some jewellery for Lord Sreerama. After receiving information about constructing of temple, Taanisha decided to get Gopanna into the jail to undergo severe punishment until he would pay the total money to Taanisha. With the grace of Lord Sreerama, Gopanna came out from jail after he had treated with severe punishments. Mainly, Taanisha was surprised after he had got all the expensed money from Lord Sreerama. Such a greatness did Gopanna have. Gopanna name was changed as Raamadasu after he decided to give everything to Lord Sreerama.

Historical and joyful places in Telangana region:

In Khammam district, Kinnerasaani project is a famous place where it seems to be enjoyful. A zoo is also attached with this kinnerasaani project to attract more tourists. Papihills in Khammam district is a very enjoyful place. One can feel joy while one is travelling on a boat in the river Godavari around Papi hills. Nagaarjuna sagar project is one more enjoyful place which is situated in Nalgonda district. Come to Hyderabad, we can find so many joyful places such as Chaarminaar, Gokonda monument, Salaarjing museum, Nehru Zoological park etc.,


Telangana region got to backward as Nijam administrators made dictatorship on the people living in Telangana region. Some historical and piligrim places in Telangana region is not given much importance by government. Endowment department has to take care on historical places in Telangana region. Once these places are diminished then we can not show them to our next generations.


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