Hindu festivals in Andhra Pradesh

I have given the important Hindu festivals that are done in Andhra Pradesh. In this resource, I have mentioned that how Deewali, Sankranthi and Dasara festivals are celebrated. In this resource, I have presented how devotees of Lord Sreemannarayana worship during Dhanurmasam coming in December month.

Important festivals that are done in Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh, most of Hindu festivals are celebrated in big manner. Festivals start from "Tholi Ekadasi". On that day, Vishnava temples are crowded with devotees and they spend the whole day with chanting "Hari namam". After Aashadam, in Sravanam, "Varalakshmi vratham" which is celebrated by ladies on that day, women worship Varalakshmi to fulfill their desires. In Bhadrapada masam, Vignanivaraka chavithi is celebrated on that Viswaksena is worshipped to remove all the hurdles to intended work. In Aswiyuja masam, Dasara festival is taken place. On Amaavaasya of Aswiyuga masam, Deewali festival is celebrated. At starting of Telugh masams, Ugaadi festival is celebrated by Telugu people. On 9th day of Chaitramasam, Sreeramanavami festival is taken place. On that day, marriage of Sita with Lord Sreerama is celebrated.

Dasara festival in Andhra Pradesh

In Aswiyuga masam, first 9 days are celebrated as Dasara festival. On 9 days of Dasara festival, every days has its own importance because Goddess Durga on every day appears in different goddess appearances. For Dasara festival there is importance famous epic "Mahabharatha". In Viraata Parva in Mahabharat, after completing living in forest, at the time of entering into non-appearance living(Ajnaatha vaasam), Pandavas hid their weapons on a tree on Vijayadasami and also they took their weapons on Vijayadasami after completing non-appearance living(Ajnaatha vaasam). As they had taken weapons from the tree on Vijayadasami, Lord Sreekrishna made situations to win Kurukshetra war. On last of day of Dasara, devotees worship "shami Vruksham" by attaching a piece of paper on which something is written that related to God blessings.

Deewali festival in Andhra Pradesh

Deewali festival is a famous festival. This festival is for enjoyment from youngers to elders. On the day of this festival, children get enjoy by firing fire crackers. People on this day worship Lakshmi Devi for fulfilling their desires. There are two stories for Deewali festival. First one is that this festival is celebrated on the eve of victory of Lord Sreekrishna over Narakaasura. Second one is that this festival is celebrated as Sree rama killed Ravana and came to kingdom of Ayodhya. Before the day of Deewali, Naraka chaturdasi on which children are given "Haarathi". In the evening of Deewali, at dusk time, elders in the house take little lights to keep it on the wall of house. On Deewali day, women in the house makes delicious food to fill up the mind with sweet memories of that day.

Sankranthi festival in Andhra Pradesh

Sankranthi festival is a famous festival which is celebrated on the eve of getting crop to hand to that day. Sanskranthi is celebrated during three days. On first day, people celebrate as Bhogi on which people enjoy by warming their bodies with "Bhogi mantalu". Children are taken head bath with their elders. In the evening of Sankranthi, ladies enjoy by drawing lines on the floor filled with colours. On the third day, Kanuma is celebrated by people through worshipping cows.

Way of worship Lord Sreemannarayana during "Dhanurmaasam"

In "Danurmaasam", Lord Sreemannarayana is worshiped during 30 days by chanting "Paasurams" made by Aandal(Godadevi) who was a great devotee of Lord Sreekrishna. Like the "Gopika vratham", Aandal made 30 paasurams to live with Lord Sreekrishna. Those 30 paasurams were chanted by her to get salvation with Lord Sreekrishna. In order to get happiness, devotion and desires, Vaishnavaas chant these paasurams during 30 days. Those 30 days completely is treated as "Dhanurmaasam". In "Dhanurmaasam", "Mukkoti Ekadasi" comes. On that day, people get their birth purified while they are seeing Lord Mahavishnu in the direction of north. After completing 30 days of Dhanurmaasam, indication of salvation of Aandal, people do marriage of Aandal with Sree ranga natha.


Our Indian culture is really Hindu culture. So India is called holy earth. Therefore, we have many Hindu festivals to make our birth purified. However, we have to remember three concepts. One is to respect our parents. Second is to respect our teachers. Third is to respect our nature.


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