Best Summer Plants to grow in Hyderabad

Summer is almost here and also a good time to grow some summer plants at your home or garden. I this article I will give a description of plants which can be best growth during the summer in Hyderabad. The take hot weather and dry conditions in Hyderabad are ideal for growing certain plants which a lot of beauty and greenery to your garden.

Plants ideal for summer in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, when the temperature soars during summer, the relative hits a low due to dry weather. bad for the delicate plants which thrive, in cool or moderate climates, in lesser temperatures arid higher humidity.

b11 Nonetheless, there are plants which need more light or can take hot weather and dry conditions, as is .the case with Hyderabad's summer , when the mercury touches 420 C and more The temperature difference between winter and summer also causes a lot of survival problems for plants because the lowest temperature can go down up to 90 C during winter.

Plants that are ideal for summer in Hyderabad are bougainvillea, neerium, adeneum, lantana, vinca petunia gerbera, geranium, gazania verbena daisy, angelona, aster, euphorbia and russelia, all of which are blooming plants. These plants flower profusely during summer and can give a fresh and colorful look to a garden

Even cacti and succulents grow profusely during summer in Hyderabad, because of long days. In fact, cacti can be watered once in three days during summer and once in five days in other seasons for better performance and survival. Almost all the flowering pot plants and shrubs also do well during summer. If one fancies blooms, it should be remembered that 98 per cent of plants need sunlight to flower.

Very few species can flower in shade or partial light conditions. The only thing a plant needs during summer is sufficient .water for the whole day in a pot or pit to avoid quick drying. Therefore, to retain moisture for a long time, the compost (soil) should be porous. Adequate water and sunlight makes majority of plants bloom properly and produce rich color.

Different varieties of plants that can be grown during summer in Hyderabad

Plants like bougainvillea are very good as potted plants. Besides, they can be used as shrubs or climbers. Recently, a few varieties have come in dwarf forms which also need less watering. Bougainvillea produce colorful bract profusely and the real flower is almost hidden in between the bracts. Succulent plants like euphorbia are available in various colors and forms which are likely to flood places like Hyderabad in the near future. These can flower in full as well as partial light conditions throughout the year and especially in summer. They can survive on any amount of light, heat and water.

Plants like lantana are already popular and are available in an array of colors. Plants like gerberas and gazanias are also easily available in the market in a variety of colors and are highly popular. The problem with these plants is that they suffer during rains. Good drainage and dry conditions suit them well. Hence, summer is the ideal time for them to bloom. It is the same with geraniums, but all these plants if put in beds, should be put in raised beds for the proper flow of excess water.

Many colorful varieties are available in geraniums, which can be easily propagated by seeds and through cuttings. Another good pot plant that stays, grows well in summer is the Vinca Roseus, once again available in diverse colors. It also requires raised beds with good drainage, asters, daisies, angelonias, verbenas, petunias, each has a range of colors. There are a lot of colorful plants these days which need more light to produce good color, if not flowers. The lawn also does well when there is more light along with water.

During summer, trees like delonix regia, peltoform, jacaranda, erithrina, bauhinia, butea frondosa etc., flower profusely. Even climbers like petrea arborea, cerndendron, splendens, antigonon leptops, allamanda grandiflora and clematis flower well during the hot summer season.

Sourcing of plant materials for growing plants during summer in Hyderabad

Any garden needs plant material, lawn grass, annual flower seeds, vegetable seeds, saplings, foliage plants, palms, flowering shrubs, creepers; seedlings and fruit plants, etc. It also needs garden tools and implements, red earth, sand, leaf mould, farm yard manure, organic compost, water-soluble fertilizes, complex fertilizers, urea, potash, phosphates, pesticides, fungicides sprayers, etc. Apart from all these, you will also need irrigation support systems, water hose pipes lawn mowers, grass-cutters, secatures, pruning scissors, Wood cutters and clippers etc.

It's not only tools and seeds that a garden requires. If one has a bigger garden or if one is interested in giving a more ornamental look to one's garden, then it will require garden embellishments such as bird baths, garden chairs, benches, water fountains, little bridges over the water bodies, trellises, statues, fences, water spouts, a wide range of containers and a variety of stones for paving path ways, pergolas, garden umbrellas, etc.

The most important aspect of sourcing is human resources i.e., a gardener.

A garden often reflects the gardener's skill. Surprisingly, not only gardeners in Hyderabad , but also across the country are in short supply. It is advisable to maintain the garden yourself, depending on the size and nature of the garden. But if it a really big garden, then you can employ a gardener or have one on a contract basis, where he comes in once or twice a week.

A comprehensive list of gardeners is available on a periodic or permanent basis at Agri Horti Society, Hyderabad and the Assistant Director of Horticulture, Hyderabad (Commercial Nursery), both located in the Public Gardens, Hyderabad . If you want your existing gardeners to be trained, you can approach the Asst. Director of Horticulture and Commercial Nursery, who organizes special training capsules from time to time.


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